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When you are enjoying cocktails at a bar or at home, you know the effects of alcohol. After just a drink, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises and there are impacts on the human body. Reflexes are slow and delayed, speech is slurred, and vision becomes blurry. A few more beverages, and the individual may become belligerent, lose muscle coordination, and pass out. Obviously, alcohol has the same effects when you are on a Miami cruise. However, there are certain unique factors that put passengers at a higher risk compared to imbibing around home. 

Cruise operators know guests like to cut loose on vacation, but they still have a duty to ensure responsible alcohol service. Being overserved puts you at risk, while other drunken passengers could be a threat to you and your family when you are entirely sober. It is wise to discuss your legal options with a Miami cruise ship accident lawyer if you suffered injuries, since you may qualify to recover compensation for your losses. An overview of the dangers of overserving cruise guests is also useful.

Risks of Alcohol Impairment on Cruises

Pre-paid beverage plans offered by most of the major cruise lines could be putting profits ahead of passenger safety. These plans, which offer unlimited alcoholic beverages to passengers for a set price, encourage passengers to drink more than they would if they paid for each drink individually. If you were injured or lost a loved one due to the negligence of cruise line companies, contact an experienced Miami Cruise Ship Accident Attorney today.

Cruise ships inherently possess greater dangers than most bars and common drinking establishments. Slippery surfaces, narrow staircases and the ever present perils of the high seas can lead to serious injuries and even death especially when coupled with heavy alcohol consumption.

In the last few months alcohol was a contributing factor in at least one cruise ship death. On a Royal Caribbean cruise that disembarked from Miami, an intoxicated man involved in an argument with cruise ship employees fell off the side of the ship onto a lifeboat and later into the sea. The man was never found, even after extensive search and rescue efforts by the coast guard.

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