When Cruise Ship Electricity Poses a Serious Threat

Cruise ships can sometimes encounter unexpected situations, some of which may increase the risk for personal injury among passengers and crew. Power loss is one example. One cruise ship, the Princess Caribbean, had recently experienced both electrical as well as engine issues. These issues can undermine a cruise ship’s need to take care of their guests and make them feel safe during their stay.

Cruise Line Loses Power on the Sea

The loss of power on a cruise ship can be sudden and can cause passengers to lose balance and injure themselves. According to several passengers aboard the Caribbean Princess as it journeyed off the Irish coast, the cruise ship lost power without any warning. Many passengers took to Twitter to vent their frustration, tagging the cruise line as a means of notifying them of the issue. Subsequently, Princess Cruises acknowledged the power loss on Twitter.

According to recent reports, the Princess is the fifth ship to lose power and sixth to have some type of engine problem in the last nine weeks. These unexpected disturbances are likely to result in some type of injury in the future if cruise lines do not get a firmer handle on the electrical systems of their ships. Passengers who do not have power are at a higher risk of injury, especially due to the fact that ships are fairly unpredictable in terms of their stability. The rocking and swaying of a boat combined with dark rooms and hallways is a hallmark situation for a personal injury case.

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