Cruise Collision and Personal Injury

A personal injury that occurs on a cruise ship can have a number of causes. A collision with another ship, although relatively rare, is one such cause of personal injury that is rarely discussed. One report of a cruise ship that collided with a ferry has sparked interest among many in the legal community. Many maritime lawyers are expecting some type of legal action to take place against the cruise line, either from passengers or crew members, in relation to the event.

Seeking Legal Help for Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ships are supposed to be navigated and directed in a safe and efficient manner in an effort to avoid collisions. This did not happen with the UK-based Cruise and Maritime Voyages. A recent report shows that this cruise ship collided with a ferry. At this time, there are no official reports of injury, but it would not be surprising that a cruise ship collision did result in some type of injury for some of the passengers and crew on board.

According to the news report, the cruise ship scraped alongside the parked ferry and continued on to sea. Despite this seemingly minor collision, it is still unclear whether any passengers suffered from any type of personal injury.

A cruise line’s number one job is to keep its passengers safe. When a collision happens, it places everyone at risk. In the incident mentioned above, there is no indication that the crew were properly trained in handling a ship of that size. Serious injuries as a result of cruise ship collisions deserve to be adequately compensated by the cruise line. Compensation can help cover medical costs related to the injury as well as other personal costs incurred by the victims. Passengers who have experienced such an incident should seek out experienced maritime attorneys in an effort to receive the reward they rightfully deserve.

Suffered Injuries on a Cruise Ship? Get the Help You Deserve

Have you suffered injuries on a cruise ship? If so, you have the right to seek damages from the cruise line to help you cover medical and other costs. The Miami cruise ship accident lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA are highly experienced with maritime law and personal injury, and we can help you fight for the reward you deserve. If you would like to discuss your case, please call our offices for a FREE consultation at 1-877-475-2905. Additionally, you can send us a quick email at to book an appointment. Free consultations simply provide more information about your particular case and gives us more insight into how we can put a sound legal plan into place.

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