Cabin Doors: The Dangers That Cruise Lines Fail to Communicate

Being injured is not the first thing you want happening during a vacation, especially if you are on a cruise ship. Injuries on cruise ships do happen and seem to be occurring with greater frequency. A recent lawsuit against Disney Cruise Lines was filed by a man who alleged that his cabin door amputated his thumb as it slammed shut. Although there was a medical team on board, it did not seem to assist him with reattachment.

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Cruise Lines and Personal Injuries

A cruise line is in the business of hospitality. As such, it should have its business model and physical structures aligned with current safety standards that will ensure the wellbeing of all guests. This was not the case with Disney Cruise Lines recently. According to the most recent lawsuit against the cruise line, a guest was preparing for the Captain’s dinner when he experienced an unfortunate incident that turned his vacation upside down. While getting ready to exit his cabin, his wife opened the door and kept it open with her foot. The man had his hand resting on the door frame during this time. The wife, not noticing his husband’s hand’s position, let go of the door and it slammed shut on his finger, resulting in amputation.

It could be argued that this was the fault of the guests and could not be helped by the cruise line in any way, but the suit says otherwise. Specifically, the suit alleges breach of duty and negligence against Disney Cruise Lines and cites the failure to maintain safe cruise cabin doors and the failure to warn patrons of the dangers associated with the doors. Additionally, the case seeks damages associated with the medical care as well as other unspecified costs that have not been disclosed to the public. Doors that do shut with such a force as to cause the removal of a finger is something that can not be brushed off, and it is quite possible the cruise line will be rewarding this individual with the assistance he justly requires.

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