Being Threatened with Rape: A Psychological Personal Injury

Cruise lines are in the business of making their guests feel safe, at ease, and protected. As many attorneys know (particularly attorneys experienced with maritime law), this is not always the case. A recent news report has shown that one cruise line failed to keep one of its passengers safe from its own employee. This passenger not only received threats by an employee, she also achieved very little headway with convincing local authorities of her plight.

Bahamas Cruise Line Passenger Threatened by Employee

A bachelorette party should be a joyous occasion, one filled with friends, excitement, and memory-making experiences. Unfortunately, this was not the case for one woman who went to celebrate her last few days of singlehood on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise. According to the report, a crew member threatened the woman with rape on numerous occasions. When she slammed the door in his face, he repeated the threats. After a period of a few minutes, the employee disappeared from outside her door.  

Following the incident, the woman complained to the cruise line manager. The manager brought the accused crew member to the woman and claimed he was only joking and never intended to cause any actual harm. Unsatisfied with this response, she contacted local law enforcement as well as the Coast Guard and then alerted the media after no one believed her accusations. From recent reports, it seems that this employee was fired.

But was this enough? Threatening an individual with rape or sexual assault can result in serious psychological trauma, which is a type of personal injury that is often treated with years of counseling and prescription medications.

These threats, which are a form of injury, create a serious issue that should be dealt with by legal action. Hopefully, this woman will seek out the appropriate maritime lawyers to help her with any potential damages that she may have the right to claim after the incident.

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