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Cruise ship vacations have significantly increased in popularity over the years.  Cruise lines maintain that they are among the safest forms of travel. Yet, unfortunately, this is not always the case. For instance, some of the people that depart on a cruise ship never make it home. In some cases, they become lost at sea. The number of individuals who have gone missing from cruise ships is frightening. In the last two years, alone, 41 people have gone missing from cruise ships. According to the Cruise Victims Association, almost 170 people have gone missing at sea since 1995. Recently, off the coast of Florida, two passengers on a Carnival Spirit cruise ship experienced a similar tragedy. A lady, 26 years of age, was climbing on a rail outside of her room during the late evening hours.  She then lost footing and fell overboard. A few seconds later, a paramedic jumped into the sea in attempt to save the drowning passenger. The pair was described as missing once the cruise ship docked in Sydney. The pair has never been found.

If you or your loved one experienced a cruise ship accident or, if your loved one is missing, you need to hire an experienced maritime lawyer. The relevant laws that govern these cases are highly complex and significantly different from state laws. The maritime lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz PA know the law and are here to help. Our Florida Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers have experience filing claims against all the major cruise lines. We will fight hard to enforce your legal rights and to secure adequate compensation. We will even bring your case to trial if a fair settlement offer is not made.

Complex Laws that Govern Cruise Ship Accidents

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