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Recently, Brock Christian Hammerstein, 25 years of age, was one of two individuals accused of sexually assaulting a minor on a Dolphin cruise. Once said cruise ship ported, the victim visited a local hospital to report that she was sexually battered. At the time of the assault, the victim and her family were visiting Destin, Florida, and went on one of the Sunset Cruises. While on the cruise, an employee, 22 years of age, served her wine without first requesting her identification.  On the completion of the cruise, said employee invited her back onto the boat. The employee and Hammerstein then took her to the ship’s lower level where they allegedly sexually battered her.  The two men maintain that the victim said she was 24 years of age and that she consented to the sex.     

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Sexual Assault on Cruise Ships

Late last month, South Florida news outlet CBS Miami reported that the U.S. Coast Guard launched a search for a 30-year old man who reportedly jumped over the railing of Celebration Cruise Line’s Bahamas Celebration. James Miller of Charleston, South Carolina, was reported overboard shortly after 2 a.m. on April 27, as the ship headed back to its home port in West Palm Beach. According to ship officials, the vessel turned around when Miller was discovered missing, but the ensuing search was unsuccessful. Our cruise ship accident attorneys are monitoring this story closely.

On April 28, Fox 4, reported that one couple who was aboard the Bahamas Celebration when Miller went overboard were shocked at how unprepared officials seemed during the search and rescue mission. One of the couple commented that it didn’t seem like the crew put enough effort into the rescue, and the incident had the couple hesitant to ever bring their 10-year-old son with them on a cruise.

In response to the incident, Celebration Cruise Line issued the following statement:

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