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Most accidents on a cruise ship could take place anywhere. Whether it is a slip and fall or any other premises liability mishap, cruise ship passengers usually face the same risks they would on land. There are some unique dangers present due to the unpredictability of the high seas that can leave you injured and needing an experienced cruise ship lawyer.

Rough waters and oncoming storms are some of the risks for which the cruise ship crew should be prepared. Through tight communication with the coast guard, most of these sea-born dangers can be avoided and mitigated. But sometimes, due to negligence, apathy or conceit, the cruise ship could be set on a course that is unsafe for both the ship’s employees and its passengers.

We have all heard of the Costa Concordia disaster, where a cocky captain maneuvered the ship too close to shore to enjoy a nice view, hit an underwater rock, and caused the ship to capsize. Most cruise ship disasters occur in different, more common scenarios.

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