Pleasure cruise sails into nausea and near-mutiny

Passengers who book cruises for pleasure sometimes reach an unwanted destination. Our  Miami cruise ship injury attorneys review numerous cases where lines do not meet the standard of care they owe to their passengers or adequately meet the challenges of unexpected mechanical problems or weather.

We recently learned about an intended  pleasure cruise in Great Britain where 400 passengers battled seasickness for six hours while the craft confronted horrendous weather conditions. According to reports, the sick passengers engaged in a near mutiny as the craft underwent tilting and tipping in rough seas.

Pleasure cruise faces choppy seas

The MV Balmoral left Liverpool and sailed for North Wales on Sept. 9 for a scenic cruise along the coast. It almost immediately confronted weather conditions that were significantly worse than anticipated. According to one passenger, however, the vessel should have never sailed.

Seasick passengers vomited throughout the ship for six hours as the ship struggled through the seas. Footage also revealed passengers with their heads lying on tables or in their hands as the ship bounced up and down. One passenger said that adults and children were laying on the floor of the bar area to fight their sickness.

The disgusting odor of vomit was pervasive as crew members collected black bin sickness bags from passengers.  Water came through a window and soaked a passenger.

The cruise finally turned back after three hours because of the choppy conditions.  A passenger said that a near mutiny erupted after an announcement that the ship could not immediately dock upon arrival because of the bad weather. According to reports, paramedics were waiting in Liverpool to treat a woman passenger who collapsed during the cruise.

Ship’s owner offers regret and a free cruise

The ship’s owner, White Funnel, Ltd, said that the vessel was never in any danger even though it described conditions as being uncomfortable.  The 68-year-old ship had the capacity to deal with the swells and wind and met requirements set by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, according to its owner.

Wind gusts were stronger than were foretasted and forced the ship to shorten its trip and return to Liverpool. The owner also confirmed that a passenger received treatment on the ship.

White Funnel ultimately expressed its regret for the discomfort suffered on this voyage. Remarkably, it offered passengers a free ticket for another trip as compensation for their ordeal. It refused to provide any refunds and explained that the free ticket offer exceeds the terms of its conditions of carriage.

Cruise ships and their owners, however, do not have the final say on the compensation that passengers can seek for their losses on voyages. Our firm’s experienced cruise ship attorneys in Miami may help assure that victims of negligence can pursue fair and just compensation. If you were injured by cruise line negligence, contact an attorney at the Miami personal injury law offices of Gerson & Schwartz, PA who specializes in these cases. For a free case consultation, call 877-475-2905 today.

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