Fire on Board Allure of the Seas: The Latest Ship FIre to Cast Harsh Light on Cruise Industry

The cruise ship industry continues to be scrutinized, as engine fires and other mishaps occur regularly on board these massive floating cities. Passengers are feeling less and less safe, while profits continue to drop. Clearly, the industry is suffering financially. This month alone, Royal Caribbean reported that its First- quarter profits dropped by 40 percent from $78.4 million to $47 million in 2012.

In a series of ship fires and other disasters, the latest incident took place on the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas last weekend. This time a fire broke out in the engine room, causing the world’s largest cruise ship to activate its fog system. The fire was immediately extinguished and contained, fortunately.

Why does it seem like news of cruise ship mayhem is on the radar more often than not? Why isn’t more being done to avoid catastrophes, such as the Costa Concordia’s running aground off the coast of Italy last January? That incident alone killed 32 innocent people.

Or what about the subsequent fire, on board Royal Caribbean’s Azamara ship? That completely disabled the ship without any power whatsoever, for five entire days while stranded off the coast of Borneo.

What is going on with the overall lack of safety on cruises these days? In addition to fires and pilot errors, passengers on board cruises are suffering tremendously from viral outbreaks such as Norovirus, as a result of unsanitary conditions on ships. In addition, passenger claims are constantly in the news for sexual assaults and violence. Crew members who are constantly held responsible for these inappropriate and illegal behaviors are supposed to be protecting passengers safety, not violating it.

In another negligent twist, just last month a captain of a Princess Cruise ship sailed right past a fishing boat that was clearly in distress. How could the captain of this vessel say he never noticed this stranded boat, while numerous passengers on board his ship said they alerted the authorities immediately? These kinds of inconsistencies are all too inexcusable.

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For a free consultation, contact Gerson & Schwartz, PA at (3050371-600 or We are here to support you when your cruise ship won’t.

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