Cruise Ship Accident’s Continue to Emerge: This time Royal Caribbean’s Azamara Quest Catches Fire

Why does it keep happening? Bookings have dropped after successive cruise accidents continue to occur. This time, it is Royal Caribbean and its’ Azamara Quest which was carrying 590 passengers and 411 crew members when one of the ship’s engine room’s caught fire.
Despite the fact, that this incident was a lot less harrowing than the other recent maritime accidents, passengers were still frightened to death; and, 5 crew members suffered smoke inhalation injuries, including one which was serious and needed hospital care. The Miami Herald 03/31/12. This is yet another terrifying example of a cruise ship that lost power due to an electrical fire. Of course, it does not compare to the devastation of the Costa Concordia this past January, when that ship hit a reef off the coast of Italy. Actually, the Azamara fire is the third fire on a cruise ship, since November 2010. This time the emergency occurred off the coast of Borneo, during a voyage to Malaysia.

The Royal Caribbean owned ship, the Azamara Quest sustained an electrical fire which was quickly extinguished by crew members. An emergency cancellation for the trip was put into effect, and the ship was forced to end its voyage early in Sandakan, Malaysia. It never made it through Indonesia as scheduled where the trip was supposed to end in Singapore on April 12.

“This Royal Caribbean cruise ship fire reminds us of a previous fire a few weeks ago, on board the Silver Shadow cruise ship”, said Attorney Nicholas Gerson of Gerson & Schwartz, PA. Similarly, this electrical fire affected the air conditioning system, on the Azamara Quest. As a result, many of the 11-deck vessel’s entertainment facilities, which include a spa and shopping boutiques which were all shut down. Passengers such as Dorothy Wood of Virginia Beach, Virginia were petrified” (AP).

“And we will never forget the images of the Costa Concordia hitting a reef off the coast of Italy”, added Gerson, an experienced maritime attorney at Gerson & Schwartz, PA, based in Miami , Florida. “The cruise ship industry is not ensuring the safety of its passengers. We will continue to seek restitution for our clients who suffer injuries as a result of their negligence.” So why does this industry continue touting about how safe it is? For instance, training groups such as Resolve Maritime Group, whose owner, Joe Farrell states, that cruise ships are the “safest industry, safest mode of travel there is.” However, the evidence does not support this claim, and experienced maritime attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, beg to differ.

We are seeing a high rate of incidents on cruise ships lately demonstrating that there is not an acceptable level of risk for travelers . As of Monday, Royal Caribbean stock closed at least one percent lower from the previous close.
Maritime attorneys like Philip and Nicholas Gerson at Gerson & Schwartz, PA, are well aware of the dangers involved on board cruises, and are committed to recovering compensatory and punitive damages for their clients who are survivors or injured parties. “With so many frightening occurrences on cruise ships lately, we believe that the industry should be doing more to protect its passengers. We will continue to serve our clients who become injured on board ships due to lack of standards, care, or accountability. The industry should be doing more to make sure that their ships are safe, especially in light of the all these recent incidents.”

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