Top Miami Cruise Ship Injuries and How They Happen

Miami cruises are the trip of a lifetime for people across Florida and throughout the US, who are attracted to these vacations for their all-inclusive features, fun activities, fabulous amenities, and opportunities to explore ashore. Still, these adventures are not without their risks. Accidents on cruise ships are a more common occurrence than you might expect, and the statistics are proof. According to, an online source of information regarding cruise line safety records, almost 3,500 accidents have been reported on 551 ships currently sailing the globe. Your vacation bliss could come to a screeching halt if you or a loved one is hurt in such an incident. 

Florida and U.S. maritime laws do provide you with rights under such circumstances, and a Miami cruise ship accident lawyer can assist with the complicated legal process for recovering compensation. Plus, you can protect yourself and your family when you know the top types of cruise ship injuries and how they happen.

  • Broken Bones: Slip, trip, and fall accidents are usually behind bone fractures, and many of them occur due to the same factors as on land. Loose staircase and balcony railings, unsecured flooring, debris and luggage in hallways, and slippery surfaces are usually to blame. Besides broken bones, other common injuries in slip and fall accidents include lacerations, sprains and strains, and bruises.
  • Food Poisoning: Buffets, fine dining, and 24/7 food availability are huge perks for passengers, but cruise operators can put you at risk of food-borne illness by not engaging in proper sanitation practices. Plus, managers of kitchens, restaurants, kiosks, and bars must properly train the people who serve food and beverages.
  • Legionnaires’ Disease: You probably assume the biggest safety threat around a cruise ship’s water attractions is drowning, and this certainly is a concern. However, unsanitary conditions near pools, hot tubs, waterslides, fountains, and other sources can lead to development of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease. A person who contracts it must go through antibiotic treatment to avoid lung failure and pneumonia, both of which can be life-threatening.
  • Physical Assault and Emotional Trauma: The last thing you expect on a fun cruise vacation is to be subjected to criminal activity, including attacks by other passengers and crew. Cruise companies have a duty to maintain safety throughout the ship, and this obligation extends to ensuring passengers are safe from such misconduct. Protecting passengers requires the cruise line to install proper lighting and security features, but it may also mean cutting off alcohol for guests who are clearly intoxicated.

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