Smuggling Drugs and Cruise Ships

Two employees on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship were recently arrested after being accused of using sandals to smuggle drugs into Florida. They were bringing drugs into Port Canaveral. One of the two employees was a courier for at least one drug trafficking organization. Police officers began following the employee as he left Port Canaveral and they saw him and another employee smuggling cocaine with the use of sandals. Junior Ellison, 31 years of age, was arrested aboard the cruise ship as he was walking away with the cocaine. It was found that the sandals were purchased from Wal-Mart. It was also later found that each time Ellison left the ship he took a shuttle to a Merritt Island Wal-Mart. Authorities discovered that Ellison would obtain sandals filled with cocaine in St. Maarten and then wear them off the ship.  Ellison would make his trip to Wal-Mart, purchase a new pair of sandals, and then place the cocaine-filled sandals in the Wal-Mart bag to deliver to someone else.         

Many people are victimized when a person, or people, commits the crime of drug trafficking.  Perhaps your money was stolen by a person intending to use it to purchase drugs or paraphernalia. If you are a victim of a crime, it is imperative that you hire an attorney. The experienced Miami maritime lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA are here for you!

Drug Distribution in Florida

Per Florida Drug Distribution laws, it is unlawful to distribute and sell controlled substances listed by state law. Florida may prosecute any individual who possesses a controlled substance with the intent to distribute or sell it. Additionally, drug trafficking is illegal in Florida. This occurs when an individual brings a large amount controlled substances into the state. In order for the prosecutor to prove the offense, he or she must show that the defendant knowingly participated in the drug trafficking activities. For this, the prosecutor is required to show that the defendant had an awareness of the specific activities aimed at bringing the controlled substances (drugs) into the state of Florida or a specific intent to engage in drug trafficking. From here, the prosecutor must be able to establish that the drugs involved are controlled substances as defined by Florida state laws.     

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