Shocking Accidents on Cruise Vacations During 2023

A cruise vacation is supposed to be a time to connect with loved ones and enjoy a range of activities, both onboard the ship and ashore at exciting destination ports. You would never expect that accidents could ruin your trip, but they can happen on a cruise just as easily as at home. In a recent report, statistics indicate the various mishaps, accidents, and disasters that occurred on cruise vacations around the world in 2023. While some were minor incidents or disruptions, many passengers were affected by other accidents. Approximately 31.5 million people took cruise vacations during the year. 

Cruise ship accidents occur because of negligence by operators, crew, employees, and other parties that fail to ensure the safety of passengers. You do have legal remedies, so consult with a Miami cruise ship accident lawyer about how to recover monetary damages. A look at the most shocking mishaps on cruises in 2023 is also informative.

Engine Room Fire Prompts Evacuation

Passengers on an Alaska cruise were disrupted after a fire broke out in the ship’s engine room. The captain ordered an evacuation of all individuals, as passengers and crew were at risk of smoke inhalation, burns, and other injuries. Plus, when there are open flames in an engine room, there is also the potential for serious explosions and electrocutions.

Terror on Rough Seas

A cruise operator cannot change the weather, but the company should take proper measures to change itineraries to avoid storms. One cruise ship failed to adhere to weather warnings and sailed into seas reported to be multiple stories high. The vessel’s emergency systems activated, causing the ship to suddenly heel to one side. Many passengers were transported to local hospitals at the closest port, seeking treatment for:

  • Broken bones;
  • Deep cuts and abrasions;
  • Concussion and traumatic head injury (TBI); and,
  • Hip and back injuries.

Foreign Hospital Provides Shoddy Care

A woman sustained a fall while a cruise ship was at sea, suffering a broken hip and elbow. After x-rays, cruise medical staff determined that she would need additional care at the next port. Upon arrival at the local hospital, the victim was kept in unsanitary, atrocious conditions. The ship moved on, leaving her behind.

Overboard Calls Increase

2023 marked a big year for passengers going overboard on cruise vacations. In some cases, alcohol played a role in these incidents, calling into question the cruise ship’s bartending staff and policies. Some operators have rules about passengers’ consumption and track the number. Bartenders may disregard these, while some cruise lines have no policies in place to prevent overconsumption and falling overboard.  

Our Miami Cruise Ship Accidents Attorneys Will Assist with Your Claim

These are just a few examples of the types of risks that occur on cruise vacations, but many forms of negligence can lead to accidents. To learn more about your rights, please contact Gerson & Schwartz, PA, in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, FL. We can set up a complimentary case review with a Florida cruise ship accident lawyer who will advise you.

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