Sarasota Resident Injured on Royal Caribbean

In February 2019, Casey Holladay, 26, was a passenger on the Mariner of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean vessel. He and his friends were having fun on a trampoline deck, a new attraction known as The Sky Pad. In this attraction, several trampolines were enclosed within a large cage. Those inside attach bungee cords to themselves via a harness and are given space to perform acrobatics. Holladay’s bungee cord snapped, causing him to fall 20 feet onto the hard deck of the cruise ship.

Holladay experienced a dislocated shoulder and fractured pelvis causing him to be permanently disabled. He is currently relying on a wheelchair for mobility and has several plates and screws in his pelvis. Holladay cannot bear any weight on his pelvis and is still must regularly see his physicians. He is expected to need at least one hip replacement in the future and extensive, long-term physical therapy. His lawyer has stated that he remains in a great deal of pain and will be permanently affected by his injuries. Holladay was initially kept in the vessel’s medical facility. It took hours for the vessel to return to Miami, Florida, where he was transferred to Jackson Trauma Center. He was admitted to the hospital for the next 10 days while he received treatment for his extensive injuries.

Royal Caribbean Closes Attraction

The cruise ship line confirmed on Twitter that it has temporarily closed The Sky Pad attraction on the Mariner of the Seas and the Independence of the Seas. The company stated it is conducting a safety review.

Was the Cruise Line Negligent?

Holladay is suing Royal Caribbean claiming the cruise line was negligent in several ways. To begin with, it appears the cruise ship did not have proper safety measures in place. There was no padding on the ground surrounding the attraction to soften someone’s fall if the other equipment failed. The area surrounding the attraction was a hard surface, like a basketball court, according to Holladay’s attorney. Holladay and his legal team also claim Royal Caribbean’s staff is not properly trained to operate and maintain such risky attractions. They do not have adequate knowledge or skills to consider the inherent safety risks of the attractions.

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Cruise Ship Passenger Experienced Catastrophic Injuries

Were You Injured on a Cruise Ship Attraction?

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