Safety Tips for Cruise Ship Trips

Cruise ship vacations provide for the perfect getaway. However, risks of injury and/or crime are relatively high for those embarking on a cruise. Recently, yet another cruise ship passenger fell off a balcony. This happens all too often. A Texas man fell off the balcony of a ship off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. He is currently being sought by search-and-rescue crews. This tragic event occurred about 36 nautical miles south of the Carysfort Reef Light. At around 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday night, David Mossman, age 46, fell 100 feet from the 10th deck of the cruise ship and into the dark water. This event was witnessed by another passenger and it was caught on security camera footage.

Cruise ship incidents, though not always fatal, can happen to any passenger, or crew member, at anytime. For this reason, it is critical that you take several safety precautions while you enjoy your cruise ship vacation. If you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation. It is imperative that you hire an attorney for your case. The Miami maritime lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz PA have the experience and skill needed to take on your case. Our attorneys are experienced in filing claims against all major cruise lines. We know how to aggressively handle maritime lawsuits. We will fight hard to enforce your legal rights and we will not hesitate to bring your case to trial if a fair settlement offer is not made.    

How to Stay Safe on Your Cruise

Here is a quick summary of important safety tips for cruise ship trips. For a more details, speak to a maritime lawyer at Gerson & Schwartz PA. First of all, please note that there is a “muster drill” before each cruise ship vacation. This must be attended by each passenger and is a very important aspect of every cruise. During the muster drill, passengers are carefully and clearly provided instructions on various safety procedures such as how to put on a lifejacket and what to do when alarms sound on the ship. Again, this drill is important and you should pay close attention during it.

Second, please be careful regarding your personal belongings and money while enjoying your cruise ship experience. You should, of course, not carry around a lot of cash. Nearly all transactions on cruises can be made by using your room key as a form of debit transaction.  Please be advised that in your cruise ship cabin closet there will be a small safe. You should certainly place your valuables in the safe. For instance, place jewelry, cell phones, tablets and other treasures in there. Additionally, please make sure your cabin door is shut at all times.  When you leave your cabin, make sure the door “clicks” shut. Not all doors will close completely unless some pressure is applied.    

Third, and building off of the above-mentioned case, balcony safety should be adhered to.  It is important that you keep your balcony door shut and locked at night. You should also check your balcony before going to sleep. If you are on your balcony, please use common sense, do not lean against the railing and certainly do not climb onto the railing.

Fourth, as expected, alcohol is a significant contributor of cruise ship accidents. Please be aware of how many drinks you are consuming. Though alcoholic drinks are plentiful on cruise ships, do not overdo it. Also, should you become intoxicated, be careful if someone offers to buy you a drink. This is especially true if that person is a complete stranger. Also, if you become intoxicated, please do not accept a stranger’s offer to walk you back to your cabin.            

Take Action

There are several additional safety tips for cruises. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury on a cruise ship or is in need of legal advice, retain one of the experienced Miami maritime attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz PA. Our attorneys are here to help. We know the relevant laws and are licensed to practice law in all Florida state and federal courts. Our Florida law offices are located in the heart of Miami. Our attorneys have 80 years of collective experience handling maritime accident cases. Your case will be handled on a contingency fee.  Thus, no money is owed to us unless we recover money on your behalf. Contact us today for a consultation at 1-877-475-2905.

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