Royal caribbean’s Brilliance Ship’s Ongoing Saga: The Disappearance of George Smith Continues…

The ongoing saga regarding the unexplained disappearance of passenger George Smith, who went missing on board the Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance Cruise ship in July 5, 2005, continues to draw media interest. This time by Inside Edition. As many may recall from previous stories such as the one which aired on Dateline NBC in January 2012, George Smith was on his honeymoon when he disappeared; and many, including his family members, believe that he was murdered.

The most recent theory surrounding Smith’s death is that he died at the hands of robbers while on board the cruise. According to the New York Post, this was a “robbery-gone bad”. In a civil lawsuit, settlement was reached initially for $1,060,000 in compensation, and was increased several years later by $250,000 for a total of $1,310,000. It is highly unusual for additional payments to be made after an initial settlement. What made Royal Caribbean agree to pay more? This strange development has never been explained.

This time, a video has surfaced, documenting a conversation between two passengers from this cruise. In the videos, the men are clearly amused; as, they discuss having thrown a man overboard. They are seen joking and laughing about it on tape.

Subsequently , both men’s depositions were taken during the litigation and according to Inside Edition, both men pleaded the fifth amendment when asked questions regarding George Smith’s possible murder. Smith’s family continues to believe that their son, 26 years old at the time, was murdered in connection with a robbery on board the ship, and quite possibly by one or both of these individuals.

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