Recent Cruise Vacation Ends In Tragedy For One Family

A cruise to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia turned tragic earlier this year when a 79-year old grandmother died in her stateroom. The woman’s death has sparked a controversy as to where the blame lies for her demise. The family of the deceased grandmother contends that the cruise line P & O is to blame for a gastroenteritis infection as the potential cause of death. The woman’s family alleges that she contracted the illness on board. However, he cruise line has defended the allegation by claiming that the woman was sick before boarding the vessel.

According to news reports, the now deceased grandmother embarked on a ten-day journey with her daughter and grandson. This voyage was the 79-year old’s seventh cruise in the last ten years. The elderly woman’s family reported her to be in good health, good spirits and looking forward to the trip with great anticipation because the cruise line upgraded her stateroom.  The woman fell ill soon after the tour began and she sought help from the ship’s doctors. Reportedly, the medical staff informed her that she probably brought the illness on board with her. The cruise line adamantly denied she contracted the illness from an outbreak on board. Notwithstanding, the grandmother’s daughter, and grandson also took sick during the journey. The daughter and grandson did not share a stateroom with their relative. Coroners will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

P & O cruise line defended its position. P & O claimed that the authorities in Australia stated that the woman died of natural causes while on board. The cruise line stated that it had no information about an outbreak of an infection on board.  Queensland authorities second that claim. They said that gastroenteritis is not a disease about which a cruise line must warn its passengers. Despite the ship’s claim, additional news reports indicate that several other passengers took sick during the voyage, including one individual who required an emergency medical evacuation.  Family members of the deceased told an Australian news agency that many other passengers could not wait to get off of the ship because of the illness. If you became ill or was injured while on a cruise ship, our Florida cruise ship injury attorneys can investigate whether or not there is any legal responsibility to warrant pursuing a personal injury claim.

P & O cruise line and Australian public health officials claim that the ship’s captain had no obligation to inform its passengers of a potentially life-threatening illness on board. Given reports of a death and wide-spread sickness on board, did the cruise line have a duty to warn even if the public health laws and regulations did not mandate such a warning? The simple answer is yes. The cruise line owes a duty of care to its passengers to protect them from harm of which it is aware or should be aware.

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