Pool Accidents on Cruise Ships Can Cause Serious Injuries

For many modern cruise ships, their pool (or pools, in some cases) are one of their main attractions. These pools and pool areas often offer entertainment, multiple bars, and activities for vacationers of all ages to enjoy. Unfortunately, they also expose people in and around the pool to a significant risk of involvement in a cruise ship accident.

When these incidents are the result of the negligence of cruise ship staff or defective pool equipment, victims can often recover compensation from the cruise line.  Here are some of the types of hazardous conditions that could potentially entitle people to file a claim.

Inadequate Pool Maintenance

Cruise lines have a duty to ensure their pools are safe to use as intended. This means that they should be cleaned often and any hazards that arise while they are in use should be cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time. Issues like broken glass or other debris in pools can cause serious injury, and if victims can show that the cruise line knew or should have known that they pool was unsafe and failed to act, they may be able to recover.

In addition, it is important for cruise ships to make sure that the areas surrounding a pool are well-maintained. For example, while it is certainly foreseeable that a pool deck will become wet as people use the pool, a spill involving food or drink would be something out of the ordinary that should be addressed. Likewise, it cruise ship staff should generally keep walkways free from debris and regularly maintain the area throughout the time that the pool is in use.

Defective Pool Equipment

Many cruise ship pools are equipped with water slides or other equipment designed to make them more fun for visitors. Unfortunately, when pool equipment is defectively designed, victims are often seriously injured. For example, a defectively designed or manufactured may have exposed hardware that can cause serious lacerations if a person’s body comes into contact with it while sliding. Similarly, a wave pool that is improperly set up could create waves much too intense for an inexperienced passenger to handle.

Victims Should be Certain to Return an Attorney

Cruise lines understand that they are operating in a high-risk industry and use tactics that are designed to limit their liability in the event of an accident. For example, they may require passengers who wish to engage in certain activities to sign liability waivers or post conspicuous signage around their pool deck indicating that passengers use the facilities at their own risk. For this reason, it is critical for victims to retain an attorney familiar with cruise ship accident claims in order for them to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

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