Parasailing Death Leads to Investigation Regarding the Age or Lack of Maintenance of the Harness

On August 15, 2012 a 28 year old woman from Connecticut plunged to her death after taking a parasailing ride with her husband in Fort Lauderdale. A major investigation is underway by various agencies including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the National Coast Guard, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and the National Transportation Safety Board. This catastrophic event leading to the wrongful death of Kathleen Miskell, could very well have been attributed to the negligence of the Wave Blast Water Sports company which has been operating out of the Sands Harbor Resort & Marina, offering parasailing rides to the public.

There is an ongoing debate at this point, between the Sands Harbor hotel and its attorneys and the owner of Wave Blast and his attorney as to who is the responsible party for this tragic and senseless accident. According to Charles Seitz, president and chief executive of the Sands Harbor, the Wave Blast company was only authorized for water bike operation and not for parasailing. Chandler maintains that Wave Blast was conducting its parasailing business without the knowledge of the hotel ownership, and was using its public dock space to pick up parasailers.

Nevertheless, the water bike rental business at the hotel has been reopened and is still advertising water bike rentals as well as parasailing trips from this same hotel. Doesn’t it seem odd that, the hotel will not claim responsibility for this death, yet they have permitted the parasailing company to reopen and advertise from its property, once again?

Attorneys like Nicholas Gerson at Gerson & Schwartz, PA understand the connections between operating a business and the legal responsibilities associated with it. If an entity is conducting business such as parasailing excursions from its property, then they should accept responsibility for the injuries or deaths, that result from their negligence. Maritime attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, PA are familiar with these kinds of cases and understand what kinds of investigations are necessary in order to bring a law suit against a responsible party.
If faulty equipment is to blame or if equipment is old, worn out and poorly maintained, serious injury can occur. Parasailing is a dangerous sport and harnesses’ must be kept up to date. As the case unfolds, injury attorneys will be able to help determine through the use of experts, whether or not poor maintenance is to blame. Decomposition of a harness can lead to serious injury or death, as seems to be the case this time.

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