Miami Ship Accident News UPDATE: Russia Riverboat Accident Death Toll Soars to 104

MIAMI, FL— July 14, 2011 – The death toll in the Russian riverboat accident that occurred along the Volga River has risen from 55 confirmed deaths to 104 deaths, 20 of whom were children. The Moscow Times reported that the recent boat sinking is being regarded as the worst on record in the past three decades.

According to the Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, it took only three minutes for the seemingly corroded ship “Bulgaria” to sink with 208 people on board, 58 more than the maximum passenger capacity permits. Search and rescue missions continue for 25 victims that remained missing and were feared dead following the river disaster.

As of July 13, 95 of the victims who died in the ship accident had been identified. While a crew member that survived the ship wreck argued that the boat capsized as a result of a two-meter wave, the Federal Meteorological Service contested such allegations, maintaining that the waves were not that high and could not have caused such a catastrophe.

Meanwhile, two people have been arrested and charged in connection with the Russian boating accident. Those two people included Svetlana Inyakina, the manager of the company that rented the ship out, as well as Yakov Ivashov, a senior inspector employed by the River Register’s local office. The River Register is the government agency responsible for upholding safety within the river transport industry.

According to the Miami cruise ship injury attorneys of Gerson & Schwartz, it is often difficult to hold ship owners liable for negligent acts that can pose dangers to both passengers and ship workers. To prevent future accidents from occurring and causing harm to passengers and crew members alike, changes must be made to the river transport and cruise ship industries.

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