Miami Boat Accident Lawyer News: Sailboat Captain Swims 2 Miles to Flagler Beach Shore After Falling Overboard Vessel

MIAMI, FL—September 7, 2011 – On Sept. 5, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) personnel, accompanied by authorities from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, launched a search and rescue mission for a sailboat captain who fell overboard his vessel near Flagler Beach. Although search operations for the missing boater were conducted to no avail, Associated Press reports indicated that the 45-year-old boat captain ultimately survived the incident by swimming approximately two miles to shore.

While it was not clear if the missing sailor, Brian Jeffrey Oliver was checked into a hospital upon finally reaching the shore and walking into a beach resort, Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies on Sept. 6 said he was in “good condition.” The sailboat captain apparently fell overboard when his vessel was hit by a rogue wave around 5 p.m. The vessel is called the Cedar Roost.

According to First Coast News reports, there were two inexperienced sailors aboard the vessel when the Florida boating accident occurred. Coast Guard officials ultimately rescued those boat passengers, whom authorities identified as Finland men 53-year-old Helene Boning and 48-year-old Andries Bannink.

U.S. Coast Guard statistical data concerning recreational boating accidents indicated there were 431 falls overboard reported in 2008. Those incidents resulted in 188 boating deaths and also left an additional 257 accident victims suffering from various injuries. Statistics also suggest that main cause of death related to boat accidents and wrecks is drowning. In 2008, recreational boat accidents resulted in 510 drowning deaths.

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