Miami Cruise Accident Statistics May Surprise You

While Port Miami is a bustling cruise destination year-round, this vacation hub will be even busier as we head into the peak season for Caribbean cruising that lasts from December through April. Industry group Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) reports that 100 percent of ships are projected to be back in service, and around 30 million passengers will have embarked on cruise vacations by the end of 2022. This return to normal is welcome to the cruise lines and employees, as well as for the guests that were eager to return to sailing. 

Almost 7 million cruise ship passengers travel through Port Miami every year. This figure is not surprising since around 45% of all guests on ships worldwide are visiting the Caribbean and Bahamas. It is also not a shock to learn that accidents are common with the wide range of excursions, exciting adventures, and onboard activities. Results of a survey indicate that 1 in 10 passengers reports being hurt during a cruise.

Injuries can ruin your vacation, but they can also lead to significant physical, financial, and emotional losses. You should consult with a Miami cruise ship accident attorney right away to evaluate your legal remedies, as the statistics are disturbing.

  • Sexual Assault: The number one crime reported on cruise ships is sexual abuse and sexual assault, at around 70 incidents per year onboard cruise ships across the globe. However, authorities admit that the figures are likely much higher due to reporting issues. Many of these cases involve two passengers, but assaults on passengers by crew members have also been reported.
  • Brawls and Assaults: There has been a recent spike in massive fights among passengers on cruise ships in recent months. These brawls usually start as an alcohol-infused argument that turns into a physical altercation, and then the matter spirals out of control and draws more passengers into the fray. Passengers suffer lacerations, scrapes, and abrasions, as well as broken bones and head injuries.
  • Cruise Accidents and Children: Kids eagerly anticipate the activities and amenities stretching across the entire ship, and they look forward to exciting adventures on shore. They are subject to many of the same cuts and bruises as when playing at home, but there are added dangers on a cruise. Children are often the target of predators, and they may be at risk when parents let their guard down.
  • Shore Excursion Injuries: Extreme sports and adventures are particularly popular on Caribbean cruises, such as parasailing, wakeboarding, skiing, wave running, rock climbing, and cliff diving. While these activities are regulated in the US, they are not subject to strict standards in other countries where you might opt for a thrilling shore excursion.

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