How Common is Crime on Miami Cruise Vacations?

When you book a cruise, you think of sea breezes, relaxation, excellent food, and all the top-notch activities and amenities you will enjoy with your family. You do not ever expect to become the victim of a cruise ship crime, but statistics reveal the risks. According to Cruzely, an online resource for information on cruise vacations, there are almost 150 crimes reported on ships departing from US ports every year. However, industry officials warn that the numbers could be much higher due to lack of reporting. 

You know what to do as the victim of a crime when you are in the familiar surroundings of your home and community. The situation can be overwhelming as a passenger on a cruise ship, at sea and miles from shore. Though you must make it a priority to consult with a lawyer for Miami cruise ship crime victims, some tips can help you cope. Some additional data on criminal activity aboard cruises sheds some light on the problem.

Additional Statistics on Cruise Ship Crimes

Some of the largest cruise vessels in the world depart Miami for tropical destinations, carrying upwards of 6,600 passengers and 2,200 crew each. With this volume of individuals onboard, it is not surprising that criminal activity is present.

  • Sexual assault and rape are reported with greater frequency than other crimes, comprising 70 percent of all criminal offenses on cruise vacations.
  • Suspicious deaths, theft of items valued at $10,000 or more, and assault with serious injury rank in the top five of all crimes on cruise ships.
  • Cruise lines are not required to report any theft incidents under $10,000, which severely understates the problem.
  • The most common items stolen include jewelry, purses, credit cards, electronics and phones, and wallets.
  • Passengers may be exposed to violence from other passengers, as well as crew and operators of shore excursions.

What to Do if You are Victimized

If you were attacked, seek immediate medical attention regardless of whether you think your injuries are minor. In a situation of sexual assault, demand a rape kit. Additional tips for protecting your rights include:

  • Report the Incident: You must inform appropriate crew members regarding any criminal incident and provide details on the perpetrator.
  • Follow Up: Cruise ships have policies for apprehending offenders, which may include house arrest or detention in the “brig” until the individual can be removed from the ship. Make sure to follow up with crew members to ensure this person is no longer a threat.
  •  Get in Touch with Our Miami Cruise Ship Accidents Attorneys Right Away: Cruise lines have a duty to ensure your safety at sea, including protection against criminal activity. You may have legal options if you suffered harm because the company failed in this duty. Our team at Gerson & Schwartz, PA is ready to assist with the legal process and recover the compensation you deserve by law. 

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