Family Sues Cruise Ship Line After Animal Attack at Zoo During Shore Excursion

What can go wrong on a cruise ship? A lot of things, and that is why cruise ships have infirmaries. Children fall down after running on pool decks. Raw oysters and rare steaks cause foodborne illness. Anyone would get sick after a certain number of rum runners, especially if they consumed them after an unlimited buffet full of escargot, conch fritters, and cheesecake, which they attended only a few hours after a champagne brunch. Of course, cruises also carry hazards that are too big for the infirmary to deal with, such as shipwrecks and mutinies. Shore excursions are, in theory, the least risky part of going on a cruise, if only because the hospital facilities on dry land are much more advanced. In fact, cruise ships should make emergency stops at nearby ports when a passenger becomes severely ill and requires medical treatment beyond what the ship’s infirmary can provide. If your injuries got worse because a cruise ship’s infirmary failed to provide appropriate treatment, contact a Miami cruise ship accident lawyer.

Anteater Scratches are Not Among the Most Common Reasons for Visits to the Ship’s Infirmary

Going on a Disney cruise is about the least adventuresome way to experience South America. If it is a true adventure you are seeking, you go hiking in the Amazon rainforest or mountain climbing in the Andes. People go on Disney cruises because they want some peace and quiet, punctuated by champagne brunches, not because they want to come face to snout with wild animals.

In a lawsuit filed in Florida, a Disney Wonder cruise made a port of call in Cartagena, Colombia, and the cruise passengers visited the National Aviary of Colombia. At the aviary, some wild animals roam freely in areas accessible to humans. During this shore excursion, a giant anteater scratched a young boy, causing superficial injuries. When the boy and his parents returned to the cruise ship, they took him to the infirmary. The nurses in the infirmary did not provide appropriate treatment, and the scratch wound became infected.

When the cruise ship returned to its point of origin in Florida, the parents took the boy to a hospital. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and a fungal infection resulting from the anteater scratch. By the time the boy had recovered from his injuries, the medical bills had added up to $15,000. The family filed a lawsuit against Magical Cruise Company, which operates Disney Wonder Cruises. It also named as a defendant the staffing firm which operates the ship’s infirmary. Because accidental injuries on cruise ships are so common, if the injuries are not catastrophic, it is often possible to get a settlement that will cover all of your accident-related losses without going to trial.

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