Previously, statistical information regarding crimes committed on cruise ships was kept out of the public’s eye. Cruise ship companies were able to keep under wraps the many criminal offenses against passengers, in order to protect their reputations. Now, under new legislation, cruise companies are required to publish this information, therefore, prompting cruise leaders such as Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines to jump ahead and make this information available, before the new impending legislation passed.

Now, crimes committed on board cruise ships that are allegedly reported by individuals will be available in a crime report. This will include sexual assaults, homicides, kidnappings and serious personal injuries. Associations that work hard to protect the rights of passengers such as the International Cruise Victims Association, as well as Maritime lawyers around the country like those at Gerson & Schwartz, PA, believe that this information will encourage cruise companies to better investigate crimes and protect their passengers. Those factors that contribute to ongoing safety issues will hopefully be addressed, making the cruise experience a safer one for all.

Miami maritime lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA have settled hundreds of cases involving crimes against passengers on board cruises. Since, cruise companies promise passengers a trip, where there is access to unlimited amounts of alcohol and limited security and police presence, predators often use cruises as easy venues to commit crimes against women or children. For instance, rapes are rampant, as well as sexual crimes against minors during cruises. Often times, the cruise ship companies’ self regulating security personnel operate way below standards. Passengers lives are at risk, and they do not even realize it. The cruise companies’ work to hide the fact that crimes are being committed on ships, so that business is not affected by the truth leaking out.

With the new standards in place, forcing cruise lines to inform the public specifically to the incidents that occur on their ships, this information will give individuals the knowledge and power to make educated choices when planning their vacation. People can make up their own minds whether or not they feel a cruise is a safe mode of travel. Miami crime victim attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, Pa can assist anyone who has been physically harmed while on a cruise, whether, he or she was in international or domestic waters. No crime should ever be kept under wraps, simply because, it was committed on the open sea.

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