Cruise Ship Passenger Falls to His Death, Now Family Plans to Sue

In a tragic accident caught on video, a passenger of a Miami-based Royal Caribbean cruise liner fell off the ship and remains lost at sea. The family of the victim plans to sue the cruise line, citing that their version of events do not match the official statement given by Royal Caribbean. If you or someone you love was the victim of a cruise ship accident contact an experienced Miami Cruise Ship Accident Attorney.

About the Accident

According to Channel 8 News, a local Miami news station, the passenger fell from the balcony of his room, falling about 20 feet onto one the ship’s lifeboats. After hanging from the lifeboat for some time, while cruise ship employees attempted to rescue him, the man fell into the rough waters below. The man still remains missing at sea and is presumed dead.

Royal Caribbean claims the man jumped from the ship after a domestic dispute with his husband and has stated the cause of death was a suicide. The victim’s family’s lawyer claims that the man fell and cruise ship employees did not do enough to help him.

The lawyer goes on to assert that the crew members were the cause of the altercation leading to the accident and even that the crew members used anti-gay slurs towards the victim and his husband. The victim’s family also seeks to prove that not enough was done in a timely manner to save the man such as providing him with a life ring as he dangled from the lifeboat.

More evidence still needs to be collected to determine the exact cause of the accident and who was at fault. The FBI has requested that the Broward Sheriff’s office investigate the incident.

Cruise Ship Accident Cases

Cruise ship accidents are handled differently than other personal injury or wrongful death claims, as they fall under maritime law. Cruise ship companies often insert provisions into passengers’ tickets, shortening the time they can file a lawsuit and require passengers to give a written notice on their intent to file a claim. This means that the victim’s family in this case must act fast to ensure they get their lawsuit started before the provisioned time runs out.

Because the accident occurred outside the U.S., various local and international laws could apply to the case. The family must determine the correct jurisdiction and legal forum in which to file the lawsuit.

There are a multitude of damages the family can sue for including funeral expenses, financial losses for the victim’s spouse, pain and suffering, and many other damages based on the hardship the family will likely endure.

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