Costa Concordia Captain Released from House Arrest While Pending Charges Continue

Captain Francesco Schettino was released from house arrest after a hearing in Grosseto, Italy. The magistrates presiding over his case have determined that Schettino, who is accused of being responsible for the tragedy on board the Costa Concordia in January, with over 30 people dead, is no longer a flight risk. At this point, he is being permitted to leave his home and to communicate with people outside of his legal team, or family.
The gross negligence of Schettino resulting in the cruise ship crashing into a reef and sinking off the coast of Italy has been in the media for months. All signs point to this captain, for neglecting his crew and passengers and jumping ship to save himself, after realizing the ship was about to go down. Not only that, but Schettino is said to have been distracted by a female friend, while this enormous vessel ran aground causing mass chaos, multiple deaths, and serious personal injuries.

Schettino is still required to obey authorities and restrictions while awaiting trial. He will continue having to report to authorities, while remaining in his home town of Meta di Sorrento. Nevertheless, it seems rather lenient, that someone accused of multiple manslaughter, causing an accident and abandoning ship, should be released given the damage he might have caused. Just based on the probability of his guilt he should be detained!

Remember, 32 people were pronounced dead and 2 others are missing and thought to be dead. Specifically, Schettino is accused of missoperating this enormous vessel, full of paying passengers on vacation, who were left in horror. Unfortunately, far too often, Cruise companies try to cover up the events on board ships, in order to maintain their reputation and position in the industry. Maritime attorneys know that the focus for the cruise lines, more often than not, is not the passengers’ safety. Rather, their main concern is profits, profits, profits.

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