Authorities Investigate Death of Almarosa Tenorio, 52, on Royal Princess Cruise Ship as Murder

Authorities Investigate Death on Princess Cruise Ship as Murder

On Tuesday, November 13, Almarosa Tenorio, 52, died on the Princess Cruises vessel, the Royal Princess. The cruise ship was in the middle of an eight-day trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean. Initial reports indicate that the woman struggled with a man on an upper deck. The man appeared to choke her before pushing her overboard. She fell from the upper deck, falling 14 stories onto a lifeboat. The death was reported to local authorities in Aruba, and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations is involved. It is being investigated as a suspected murder.

While authorities will investigate and determine whether criminal charges may be brought, Tenorio’s surviving children may consider whether there is an appropriate civil claim. There may be evidence regarding a lack of appropriate security aboard the cruise ship. Also, if a suspect is identified, the family may have a wrongful death claim against the responsible individual.

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Cruise Ships Must Provide Adequate Security

When you or a loved one decide to take a cruise, you expect to be safe. You expect to fully enjoy your time on board and at your destinations. You assume that the cruise ship takes steps to keep you safe, not only from accidents like slips and falls, but also from criminal activity aboard the ship. You should be able to relax and enjoy yourself, not think about theft, robbery, assault and battery, or sexual assault.

Not only should a cruise ship provide adequate security, cruise lines are also required by law to provide a certain amount of security through the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA). This law requires a surveillance system throughout the common areas of the vessel, including in pool areas, the promenade, entry points for crew members, corridors, public rooms, machinery rooms, and embarkation areas.

Did the Royal Princess Have Enough Security?

In addition to surveillance cameras, cruise ships may have security officers and personnel who patrol the ship. This ensures potential offenses are caught quickly or prevented, rather than offenses being reviewed on camera footage after the fact.

In the case above, the family may wish to have an experienced cruise ship attorney investigate whether the Royal Princess’s security team was property staffed and whether those staff members were properly utilized and performing their duties appropriately. If there is evidence that the security team was understaffed or was not upholding their duties, this may support a wrongful death claim against the cruise line.

Were You or Your Loved One the Victim of a Cruise Ship Crime?

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